Jamie's World

I came across Jamie by accident and she's so hilarious.
Just rummage in her Facebook page called Jamie's World.
Jamie Curry is a 17y.o. girl from New Zealand.
I love her videos because they are so true!!!

I don't know this video but I guess it's good though...

Oh Happy Day!

I can't believe it yet, but this is my absolute favourite song of all times....
Last night I kept listening to it 3 hours!!!! without interruption (until 1 in the night ;), my neighbours must have been pissed off a lot). I wrote with some of my friends and I danced around in my room like crazy! I've never been in such a good mood! And I'm being serious! Although I have no idea what he sings about, this song is wicked!
Btw I love Pacific Air in general, but this song's my favourite.

So this is Move by Pacific Air  
It seems as if Hollister likes this song too...:P
I'll add a music player to my blog as soon as possible (= as soon as I know how)


This Is The Rhythm Of My Life

I just heard this song on the radio and I'm in love with it, I just had to share it.
It makes me sad that I couldn't be at their concert yesterday at Docks because it was already sold out. :'(
Bastille is one of my favourite bands.
(Listen to the first line! Isn't it lovely how he sings "dancer" with this adorable British accent? I heard it and I was like "Oh my god, they're British! <3")

Music's In My Heart And Soul

The past month was really strenuous because I had to sit (until now) 7 exams and there are still 5 left... But for this moment I'm taking my time to write this. Actually I wanted to write of the two concerts I was at: 
Two really really great concerts! Both musicians try to move their fans but in really different ways.

Bruno Mars has got "the groove" and you just have to move. And when you see how much fun it is for him to dance and sing on the stage it is fun for you too.