Music's In My Heart And Soul

The past month was really strenuous because I had to sit (until now) 7 exams and there are still 5 left... But for this moment I'm taking my time to write this. Actually I wanted to write of the two concerts I was at: 
Two really really great concerts! Both musicians try to move their fans but in really different ways.

Bruno Mars has got "the groove" and you just have to move. And when you see how much fun it is for him to dance and sing on the stage it is fun for you too.

One week later I went to the Passenger concert. This concert was moving because his songs tell stories. And these are true and often really sad stories. He sang a song about an old man he met who had terminal lung cancer. And this man wanted to ride from the west coast to New York to see his children and grandchildren a last time and then die there. And Mike wrote a song about the story the old man had told him. My sister who was with me cried throughout the song and it made her so sad. This concert was very personal and touching but the venue and the crowd was small too... 

This is the song about the man who had lung cancer.

All in all these two concerts were my favourite ones so far and I don't regret that I went there! 

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