Yes, We Can!

Also, unsere letzte Hausaufgabe in Englisch war, einen Blogeintrag zu einem Statement zu schreiben.
Und da ich ja einen Blog schreibe, habe ich gedacht ich poste das mal. Ist allerdings auf Englisch.

,,Today I've seen a statement. It goes like this:
,Mobile phones, W-LAN, Skype, Twitter - today's young generation cannot bear to be completely alone.'
How do you think about that?
In my opinion it is true and also false, because teenagers surely can do other things like reading or doing some sport, for not becoming too fat and lazy.
Also, you should  meet your friends in reality, instead of staying at home and communicate with them via mobile phone or Facebook. I know it's much more comfortable, but it's not healthy or good for your friendship. And if you can't say things in reality, do not say them at all.
But on the other hand, for all of you, who are quite addicted to it, you are not available at all times. Just like if you want to meet your friends and you're on the way, but they can't come anymore.
It's also a better and faster way to get information, navigation and so on....all these useful things.
So, well, I think so, teens still can bear to haven't got the internet or a mobile phone, but we are grown up with this technology and it's quite normal to use it at every time."

For all the English people out there. It would be nice to correct me. Thanks. :)

So, also das war mein super Aufsatz. Was haltet ihr denn davon?

Am Montag geht es erstmal auf das Konzert von ED SHEERAN in Hamburg mit meiner Freundin! Ich freue mich schon so wahnsinnig! *-* <3

Und hier dann noch ein Lied von Bruno Mars' neuem Album, dass in Deutschland am 7.Dezember rauskommen wird. Es ist einfach super *-*
Achso, kann sein, dass die GEMA das demnächst sperrt, also kann sein, dass ihr es dann nicht mehr gucken könnt.

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