I Love

As you could maybe imagine the title refers to a song title. And if you haven't yet, then you would probably by hearing the artists name: Passenger aka Mike Rosenberg!

There you go!!! I knew you knew what the title meant! ;) Alright joking apart... Passenger is my one and only absolute favourite singer ever. I can call me the lucky one that goes to his concert in November, because all of his concerts in Germany are completely sold out.

The concert will be in the "Docks" at the "Spielbudenplatz" near the "Reeperbahn" of Hamburg. A lovely city, by the way...I already had the chance to "meet" and listen to him at the Ed Sheeran concert in November last year.
Well, now I'm coming to the title: It refers to a song of his latest album called "All the little lights" and the song is called "I hate". And, well, I don't hate him so I changed it into "I love". Ok, I know my explanation is stupid but I just wanted...ok, unimportant.

The album is not a wasted investment. You don't get such an album very often. There's not one weak song. But you have to like the singer-songwriter music (I think his music genre is also called folk rock or pop). And I do, I really do!

Well, my favourite Album of him is probably "Wicked Man's Rest", although it's not only of Mike, but also of the other members. Unfortunately this album is so hard to get...I would like to have it, but if someone sells it the price is really too much! (Honestly, why should I buy an album for 100GBP?)

So here's a Video of a great song he, unfortunately, didn't record for his album. But I like it, though! This is his performing as Support at the Ed Sheeran concert at 26th November 2012 in Hamburg at the "Alsterdorfer Sporthalle".

This is the entire Album for those who want to hear it.
This is a very old song of him called "Table for one".
By the time of this song, Passenger still was a real band and not only Mike.
This is "Flight of the crow" of his third Album of the same title, before "All the Little lights"
I love this one which is called "Staring at sky".
Out of "Wicked Man's Rest"

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