My Anglophile Vein

So from now on I only write in English. Maybe it's because I love this language so much, but it has one big reason: I love England, well...i have to say it right...the United Kingdom. Not only the country itself, but also the british people, their lifestyle and of course their accent! I adore the British accent and can't understand why people, whose mothertongue isn't English, always prefer the American accent. The British one is so much more melodious, I could listen to it all day long. That's also why I love British artists just like Ed Sheeran, Passenger or One Direction (ok, they do not sing with a British accent but they speak with one). I also prefer films produced in the UK with British actors. But, I have to say I also like American artists and film productions, though! Just wanted to underline this... It all began with the Ed Sheeran concert I went to, on which Passenger was the support.(hard to explain why it began with this concert...) After a while I got really big wanderlust and after another while it got really bad. There are still 3 years left to finish school with an acceptable final certificate and I don't think I can still manage to wait this long to go and see the world. I'm sure I don't want to stay in Germany in the future, although nobody really knows about this. Well I haven't told them yet. And I'm also pretty sure that they would dismiss it as a fancy idea of a teenager. Because normally a teenager my age can't say "well, I'm going to live somewhere else in the future". But i'm pretty sure that's what I really want to do when I've finished school. I don't know very much, but I know what I want to be and have and make in the future and I have big dreams to be realized. To live in the UK, that's my dearest wish! So writing in English now alleviates my Wanderlust a tiny bit and makes it more bearable in some way.

You now know that i'm kind of anglophile. Many people who know me would probably say, that I'm francophile, just because I went to France for 3 months. But I'm definitely not! Although no one really realizes that I am more into the British culture, than into the French one. Ok, so enough with this.

One main reason why I decided to write in English from now on is, that I'm now in 11th grade (wow, that's hard to explain to strangers, because I do not know their School System...so I just let it fall) which means next year I'm about to make my "Abitur" (equivalent to the British A Level). We Chose profiles in which the classes are devided, so I'm now in the linguistic one (there's also an artistic one, two science profiles with either chemistry or physics and one of social sciences with history. It's also hard to explain.) which means that the focus of my profile lays on English, French and Spanish (which I begin to learn with this term.). So I found it would be a great exercise to deepen my English skills a bit more (athough I think they're not that bad).

If this was or is too much to read for you, then I feel sorry, I really didn't want to write that much! :S
So here's one of my favourite Images to make this post (I always want to say tweet...-.-) more interesting.

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