Ludovico Makes The World Go Melancholic

Oh my god, how I love the music of Ludovico Einaudi. It is just...wicked! I don't want to overact but this is my personal feeling. And it's great music to go to sleep. It's so melancholic, but in a beautiful way....For everyone who is asking "Who the fuck is Ludovico Einaudi?". He is just one of the best modern componists, I think. Usually his songs are played on the piano with some violins in the background. You maybe know songs of him if you watched the film "Intouchables". This Songs are called "Una mattina" and "Fly". In the moment I am playing (actually I've already "learned" it in one day) a song called "Primavera". My next project will probably be "Nightbook", "Dietro Casa" and "Nefeli". These are sooooo beautiful songs. I could always listen to them.

This song of him is called "Divenire". And I got goose bumps when I first watched it.

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